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life with hearing aids

Consistency in one of the major keys to success in learning to take full advantage of your new hearing aids. Our auditory system, and ultimately our brain, must relearn how to make use of the new auditory information. Wearing your new hearing aids consistently in a variety of environments, including quiet ones, allow the brain to reset the relationships between soft and loud sounds, as well as learn to process the new sounds more appropriately.

Once you are fit with your new hearing aids, we will ask you to wear your new hearing aids consistently in your regular surroundings. You may even want to keep a daily journal of the sounds you hear and your experience in different listening environments.

If necessary, the audiologist will use your input to make additional adjustments to your instruments. We will offer tips for communicating while wearing hearing aids, help you practice inserting and removing them, and teach you how to clean and care for your hearing aids.

It is important to understand that learning to listen with hearing aids takes time and patience.
We are here to guide you through this process!


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